Bundle Packing in 6 Simple Steps


Start with a jacket, laid flat face-down. If you have another jacket, layer it on top, overlapping at the sleeves but at a 180-degree angle to the first.)




Layer a short dress or a shirt face-up on top, in the opposite direction, overlapping at the sleeves. Alternate short dresses and shirts north and south.





Add a pair of pants (folded lengthwise) or a long dress horizontally, with the waistband aligning with the left edge of the pile.




step4-2shirts-2pants-ictcrop_galAdd another pair of pants in the opposite direction. Alternate pants and skirts east and west. Then add sweaters and knits north and south, shorts east and west. When finished, put the core—the object you’ll bundle your clothes around, like an organizer pouch or a packing cube—in the middle.


step5-folded-pile-ictcrop_galWorking backward (from shorts to knits to sweaters and so on), individually fold each item tautly around the core. For tops and dresses, wrap the sleeves before you wrap the body.




Carefully set the wrapped-up bundle inside the suitcase and anchor it with the internal tie-downs. Ta-da! A completed bundle.


























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