TRAVEL PRODUCT OF THE MONTH: Violife UV Travel Toothbrush Sanitizer


The Violife UV travel toothbrush sanitizer is the perfect accessory for any traveler. Its slim metallic case and removable drip tray make it a must-have item for your toiletry bag. The case sterilizes your toothbrush after use by using germicidal UV light technology which kills 99.9% of germs on your brush.

After use, insert your toothbrush in the case, with bristles facing the UV light bulb. Once you snap the case closed the ultraviolet light is activated. Six minutes later, your brush is sanitized and the light shuts off automatically. Your toothbrush then stays sanitized within the case until the next use.
Although the sanitizer comes with a toothbrush, the case will hold any manual toothbrush as well as small electric toothbrush heads. The case does require two AAA batteries which aren’t included with your purchase. The UV bulb is rated for 8,000 hours of use and is not replaceable. There’s a manufacturer’s warning that states that it is dangerous to look directly into the light when it’s on. This item retails on the Violife website for $29.95.


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