How are Travel Management Companies Valuable?

In a world where there are many options to book and buy just about everything online, using a travel management company to plan your vacations may seem like a notion of a bygone era. As travel professionals, trust us when we say we completely understand. Here at Uniglobe we have long battled misconceptions about what we can do for our travelers, but for those who immediately discount our benefits, you are truly doing yourselves a disservice.


The travel management company (or TMC) of today has come a long way from order-taking agencies of the past. Now by partnering with a TMC you are aligning yourself with advisors, advocates, and real experts to help make all of your travel more meaningful.

Employees of a TMC are true travel professionals. We actually visit the locales, stay in the hotels, take the cruises, and immerse ourselves in the local culture to bring you the most relevant (and honest) information. We help you navigate the madness that so often comes with international travel by preparing you with the knowledge you need to sort through the customs, language, laws, dress, and etiquette. Many of these lessons are not easily found online, so you’ll absolutely benefit from our personal experience.

This is especially fantastic for planning more niche getaways; everything from the couple planning a complex multi-country adventure, to families who want a vacation with an abundance of kid-friendly activities, to people who want to tour and meet others who share their specific interests, and particularly for groups. The logistics of trying to plan out a coordinated large group getaway by yourself is overwhelming, as anyone who has attempted it alone will attest.

Many fear using a TMC due to cost, but that’s actually precisely where we are superior. We have access to better deals than you’ll find on travel booking websites because TMCs have built and fortified relationships with airlines, cruise lines, hotel chains, and tour companies, often over decades in business. And we are often able to procure upgrades, complimentary packages, and access to those in-demand rooms and shows that are “sold out” to the general public.

We help you budget from the beginning and make sure you avoid all those unexpected charges and scams that always seem to appear when you’re traveling. TMCs are your safety net and your advocate when things go awry. We’ll be the ones on the phone with the airline if your flight gets cancelled, not you. And we’ll get you taken care of a lot faster than if you were to spend your vacation waiting on hold.  Many TMCs, including Uniglobe Travel Designers, also offer insurance and have 24-hour call lines so you can always get the help you need, no matter what time zone you’re in.

But perhaps the greatest asset of a TMC is the time and stress it saves you. We get to know you, your preferences, and your tastes so we can customize your perfect trip without the hours (and hours) of online research it would take for you to attempt doing it yourself, while often missing out on better options.

Whether you’re a frequent traveler and just don’t have the time to worry about the minutia that goes into constantly planning out your trips, or you want to embark on that complex once-in-a-lifetime getaway where everything just has to be perfect, the benefits, expert knowledge, and peace of mind that come from using a TMC are simply invaluable.

At UNIGLOBE Five Star Travel, we have expertise in both business and leisure travel as well as international travel with a live consultant for each phone call. We are your neighborhood travel experts- serving the Atlanta community and beyond! 


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