The Beauty of Business Class


There’s a reason why business class is becoming every airline’s new hot target.

Generally when traveling for business the flights can get long. Real long. To alleviate the tedium and discomfort of long flights, many passengers investigate the option of flying in first or business class. At the airport, business class flyers typically have a separate check-in area or at least their own row, and can access a business class lounge that offers drinks, snacks, newspapers, and maybe Internet access. Some of the best lounges offer showers and even nap rooms.

Once on board — and you’re usually boarded first, everything just tends to be better. Food and drink in business class is much better than the slop usually encountered in economy class. You can expect to be given actual menus with several choices, with courses served one by one from actual porcelain plates and accompanied by free drinks. Some airlines allow you to pre-order from an extensive menu before you fly, in which case the meal will be boarded specially for you.

Entertainment options in business class are also good, with audio and video on demand (AVOD) a standard amenity, either via a display built into your seat or portable DVD players passed out by request. Power sockets for laptops are often provided and Internet access may be available too. So whether you have time to relax and catch up on the latest blockbusters or need to finish that presentation before you land, you’ll be set.

The last perk comes as the end, as you’ll be the first out of the plane and into the immigration and customs lines. On a good number long haul flights and legacy carriers, the cabin crew will keep the curtains closed to allow you to deplane first. In some cases, a dedicated passport control line will also await you.

So there you have it, some of the best ways to turn that next business trip from a chaotic disaster into a complete delight. Enjoy your travels.



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