Risk Management isn’t always about helping travellers in foreign countries where war breaks out. Sometimes emergencies happen close to home and the recent Fort McMurray fires is a perfect example of why working with a Travel Management Company (TMC) with an emergency response process in place is important. There are several important questions to ask yourself and your TMC in the event of an emergency:

How do travellers know when an emergency has been declared in their specific area?
UNIGLOBE One Travel offers e-Travel alerts, a service that automatically emails late breaking events direct to travellers in affected areas. Up to 5 email addresses can be sent this same email, ensuring that others in your office are aware of the same news at the same time.

How do you know where your travellers are, at any given time?
At UNIGLOBE One our e-Travel Tracker offers a dashboard to easily locate your travellers affected by an emergency event. Our Reservations team received a list of affected travellers in Fort McMurray and reached out to them via phone or email to provide up to date information and re-booking options as well as our 7/24 Rescue Line assistance.

How do you keep your Head Office and Travel Arrangers apprised of the latest details?
At UNIGLOBE One Our Client Solutions Team also receives this list of affected travellers and we reach out to our primary contacts at the organization to ensure they are up to date.

How do you keep track of all of the details about the re-booking process?
Our Operations Team reaches out to the airlines to receive the instructions on handling ticketing changes and re-protection protocols. Our Management Team contacts high-level officials with our airline partners to get insight into other plans in place to assist travellers and affected communities such as nearby airports with additional capacity and the adding of planes to particular routes. This can happen on a moment by moment basis so we have the capacity to react quickly and efficiently with this insider knowledge.

How do you follow up to ensure travellers needs are fully met?
We will continue to monitor this situation and assist travellers where needed. We follow up with your Head Office and Travel Arrangers with updates on changes to traveller plans to ensure their safe arrival home.


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