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VIP Lounge Pass

Business man at airport with laptopAirport lounges, once places to escape from as fast as possible, are now an important part of today’s travel experience. Airlines are stepping up to the challenge by designing comfortable, convenient, sometimes even stunning airport lounges to cater to the business traveler.

If you travel often and have membership in a frequent flyer club, you may already enjoy access to many of the exclusive lounges operated by airlines and their alliance members. But you don’t need to be a frequent flyer to take advantage of these perks.

Some airlines allow you to purchase your way into the “clubs” that cater to business travelers. For example, you can buy an annual or in some cases a lifetime membership. With this membership, you don’t have to be traveling on a business or executive fare to gain entry to the lounges. There are certain entry rules and rules of conduct and dress (respectable) to abide by, depending on the airline. Most of these clubs also offer a one-time visit pass.

Some of the airlines also have club agreements with credit card companies affiliated with their frequent flyer programs.

If you travel on several different airlines on a regular basis, it might make sense to purchase a pass from an independent program such as Priority Pass, which gives you entry into 600 airport lounges regardless of who you’re flying with, what class you are traveling, or whether you belong to an airline lounge program. You can choose among several membership options. Clients of UNIGLOBE Travel qualify for discounted Priority Pass memberships and can register online at Members receive a monthly e-zine informing them of any lounge additions or changes plus a handy paperback directory of participating airport lounges around the world, also available in downloadable form.

There are some lounges that do not require any club membership at all and are available to any traveler for a fee.

If you are traveling on a carrier which is a member of one of the three major airline alliances (SkyTeam, OneWorld, Star Alliance), you can usually access lounges operated by those members, too.

In general, customers are admitted if they hold a same-day ticket on the departing airline, or other airlines allied with that carrier. Most lounges are located beyond security in the gate area.

Some of the features customers can expect in these lounges include personalized travel assistance, complimentary soft drinks, juices, coffee, tea, cappuccino, pastries and other snacks. Alcoholic beverages are complimentary at some, or a small fee at others. Most lounges offer newspapers, periodicals and magazines. Other amenities you may find, some of which are free and some are available for a nominal fee, are high-speed WiFi wireless internet service, fax, photocopy and laser printing services, free local calls, and data jacks for laptops. Most also offer conference rooms for in-transit business meetings.

Club members may also enjoy priority check-in services and frequent traveler security lines.

Overseas international lounges are some of the most luxurious, offering restaurants, spa facilities, even private cabanas with showers and a bed. North American lounges are somewhat more functional and less high-end, but there are still many excellent ones. All of them are beautifully designed rooms many with scenic, sound-proofed views of the terminals or runways and full meal service and cater to business travelers who either need to get serious work done, or need to get some serious rest.

Before you depart, inquire at your departing airline to find out what kind of amenities you can enjoy at club lounges. To read independent and consumer reviews of lounges, airlines, and airports, check out the Skytrax web site.

World’s Best First Class Lounges* World’s Best Business Class Lounges*
1. Thai Airways
(Bangkok International Airport)2. Qatar Airways
(Doha International Airport)

3. Lufthansa
(Frankfurt Airport)4. Qantas
(Sydney International Airport)

5. British Airways
(London Heathrow International Airport)6. Etihad Airways
(Abu Dhabi international Airport)

7. Malaysia Airlines
(Kuala Lumpur International Airport)8. Cathay Pacific
(Hong Kong International Airport)

9. Asiana Airlines
(Seoul Inchon International Airport)10. Singapore Airlines
(Singapore Changi International Airport)

1. Virgin Atlantic
(London Heathrow International Airport)2. Qatar Airways
(Doha International Airport)

3. British Airways
(London Heathrow International Airport)4. Thai Airways
(Bangkok International Airport)

5. Etihad Airways
(Abu Dhabi international Airport)6. Singapore Airlines
(Singapore Changi International Airport)

7. Qantas Airways
(Sydney International Airport)8. Cathay Pacific
(Hong Kong International Airport)

9. Malaysia Airlines
(Kuala Lumpur International Airport)10. Asiana Airlines
(Seoul Inchon International Airport)

Hotels Introduce A.I Devices

hotel room tech

Smart devices are becoming more and more prevalent in daily life, from televisions to thermostats to toasters. Devices with digital assistants, like Amazon’s Alexa or iOS’s Siri, are also expanding at a rapid pace. It makes sense that the hotel industry, with their focus on hospitality, would take advantage of this new technology to make their guests’ stays more comfortable.

Marriott, Best Western, and Starwood are only some of the brands currently testing digital assistants in hotel rooms. Guests who stay in a room with an artificially intelligent assistant can have the device perform a number of tasks, including tell the time, play music, order room service, and even open or close the curtains.

Marriott is using their Aloft hotel in Boston to test both Alexa and Siri to determine which digital assistant customers prefer. In addition to the features mentioned, guests can control their television, lights, and room temperature with their voice. That will make turning on the air conditioner from bed much easier!

One thing customers should not anticipate is the devices being used as marketing tools. Users have reacted very negatively toward unexpected ads coming from their digital assistants. Therefore at this time hotels are using them as a way to enhance the guest experience rather than increase revenue.


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Arezzo, Italy


Many of the scenes from Roberto Benigni’s Oscar-winning film La Vita e Bella (Life Is Beautiful) were filmed in charming Arezzo, Italy.

The churches and their works of art are what keep this Tuscan hill town on the map: the Basilica San Francesco with Piero della Francesca’s magnificent fresco cycle; the Church of San Domenico and Cimabue’s 13th-century Crucifixion; and the Romanesque Santa Maria della Pieve with its bell tower—an emblem for the city—that has 40 windows.