Air Travel Numbers Set to Break Records Yet Again

Air Travel Numbers Set to Break Records Yet Again

“While historically low fares, reliable operations and several consecutive years of reinvestment in the product are the primary factors underlying this growth, a boost in U.S. employment and personal incomes and the highest-ever level of household net worth are also fueling the strong demand for air travel. With spring weather on the horizon, consumers are eager to travel and airlines are more than ready to accommodate the growth expected this year with additional seats, new aircraft and increases in staffing.”

One reason for the spring increase: Airlines are not only adding seats but also routes.

U.S. and foreign airlines added 198 new routes and discontinued 161 in the U.S. market during 2016; That’s plus-37 in nonstop routes year over year.

We’re less than three months into 2017, yet airlines have added a net growth of 17 new routes in the U.S.

Traveler Tools

Flight Stewards Pilot
Frequent Flyer Programs
Here’s one of the most useful pages that you can find if you are trying to accumulate miles on an airline in as many ways as possible!
Man In Office At Computer
Online Check-In
Check in for your flight quickly and easily by choosing your airline. Have you reservation details ready.
Lady Drinking Water On Airplane
Healty & Safety
Travel Health advice and appropriate immunisation should form an essential part of planning a trip abroad; especially as holiday risks are not necessarily bigger but often different from those experienced in one’s home environment.
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Travel Safety & Security
In today’s climate of global risks, ensuring the safety of travelers and employees traveling on business or on long-term work assignments is a fundamental requirement of corporate travel management’s Duty of Care responsibilities for their employees.
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Global WiFi
UNIGLOBE Global WiFi, is powered by Trustive, a leading international WiFi hotspot access provider offering seamless WiFi hotspot access to people on the move around the world with a unified global network of more than 220,000 Hotspots.
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VIP Lounge Pass
You can escape the chaos of cancellations, flight delays and crowded departure halls. Enjoy the benefits of Priority Pass; giving you access to the world’s largest independent airport lounge program.
Travel Help
24/7 Rescue Line
If you’ve ever slept through your alarm, your taxi was late, the traffic was a nightmare, you misread your itinerary, it’s suddenly painfully obvious that you’re about to miss your flight. By the time you arrive at the airport, the airline has declared you a no-show.
Multi Passport On Money
Visa & Passport Services
Getting a visa can be a very complicated process and your UNIGLOBE Travel consultant is here to help. Through our preferred partnership with CIBT we can offer you the expertise to know precisely what is required to get you the document you need.
Offsite Airport Parking Services
Offsite Airport Parking Services
Travel Insurance
Travel Insurance
FlightAware Flight Tracking
Quickly and easily track a flight

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